When mom and dad aren't quite ready to move!

The only way I'm leaving this house is...


  1. In a pine box
  2. In an ambulance
  3. Kicking and screaming

I’ve heard it time and time again and every time, I know they mean it. 

Don't wait too long

My mother describes aging perfectly.  She says when she looks in the mirror, she doesn’t know who is looking back at her.  She feels young at heart but the reflection is an old lady!  She is 86 years old and could dance circles around me.

About 10 years ago, we started to think about moving her out of the family home she has lived in since 1965.  After looking at quite a few places, I could tell, she wasn’t ready.  I’m glad we waited as she is still in excellent shape and for her, taking care of the house gives her purpose.

The decision is difficult, I get it, however, my guess is that most people would like to be in control of where they are going to be living rather than have the decision made for them.  If you wait too long to make up your mind, someone else will have to.

Joe and Louise's story...

Joe and Louise thought they could do it.  They could manage the stairs in their two storey Williamsburg home and because the house was less than 15 years old, the repairs were minimal…they were set to stay.  “I’m not leaving here unless they take me in a box!” Joe exclaimed as we walked through his home, having to duck under the moosehead hanging in the stairwell.

Then Joe got sick and even though he could stay in the home, little issue’s started to creep up.  First it was the toilet overflowing and leaking into the dining room.  Then the driveway clearing people didn’t show up on the largest snowfall Whitby had seen in years.  Louise was beginning to struggle with making the meals, doing the dishes and the keeping up with the laundry.  All at once it seemed the time had come to consider moving to an Independent Living building.

Joe and Louise, made arrangements to do a trial for a week at The Courts at Brooklin.  They packed what they thought they needed for the week and headed out to see if this was going to be the right move for them.

They never came back!  

It wasn’t that this was “The Place” for them.  Their house was their home, but what it was is that they realized they were just done.  Done with the maintenance and done with the worry of what needed to be done next. Done with having to ask their children to help when they had homes and families of their own.

Moving to an Independent Living Community

Whitby seems to have its fair share, or more, of Independent Living Communities.  How lucky are we!  

The price ranges from about $3500 per month to $5500.  You can choose to have meals included or not, parking, full kitchen or kitchenette.  It could be perfect for snowbirds that want to head south for the winter and lock the door behind them without any worries at all.  

Joe and Louise chose a one bedroom with a kitchenette.  They ate their meals in the dining room and enjoyed the active social life the community provided.  Everyone knew Joe!  

After I sold their home, Joe and Louise had me up to the Courts in Brooklin for lunch a few times.  I have to admit, I loved it.  It felt like we were on a cruise ship! 

Start your research on Independent Living Communities

The reasons will vary when you are thinking about making the move and the choices are many!  The first few things to consider are location and price.  My number one rule when looking for your next home, be it buying or renting or in this case, moving to independent living.  Determine your budget and DO NOT look at anything above it.  There is zero benefit to seeing what you can not have.

I have done a lot of the research for you to get you started on your way.  Download the Darbyshire Guide to Independent Living Communities in Whitby.

If you think that downsizing to a condo might be what you are looking for instead, see my list of Whitby Condo’s and their amenities to help you discover everything they have to offer.

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