It is estimated that 50% - 70% of consumers use a Home Inspector as a part of their real estate transaction.  As the industry stands today, anybody can call themselves a Home Inspector.  Frankly, this poses not only a financial risk to the consumer, but potentially a safety risk as well.

In December 2013, the Minister of Consumer Services put together a 16 member panel of experts to explore ways to accomplish the following:

  • Strengthen consumer protection
  • Improve the consistency of Home Inspections
  • Ensure a minimum standard of training
  • increase transparency of the profession

With the public's interest in mind, the panel which included home inspectors, consumer advocates, educators and other professionals in Real Estate, Law and Insurance, unanimously agreed on the following:

  • Regulation of Home Inspectors
  • Technical Standards for Home Inspections
  • Professional Home Inspector Qualifications
  • Consumer protection requirements
  • Regulatory governance for Ontario's Home Inspection Industry

The Government is looking for feedback from the public.  Click here for the full report and access to provide input.

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Open House Welcome MatI am a huge advocate of Open Houses on my listings.  Not only have I sold a home directly to a buyer that came in the open house, but also, I cannot count how many people do their ownhome shopping at open houses, then report back 

to their agent that they found the house they want to buy.


For my safety and for the protection of your home, I always ask to see I.D. before the buyer enters.  It is hard to let complete strangers walk through your home, but I always keep track of every visitor.  If they refuse, they don’t get in.


Yes, it is true; your neighbours will be coming through.  That’s OK.  We expect it.  They want to know how much their home is worth so they are having a look, but they also just may want to pick their new neighbour and pass the word around.


What do you need to do?


Remove all valuables and medications from the home.  People will bring their children along with them to open houses and those little ones move fast!

Open House Broken Vase


No cooking food with strong smells then day before or the day of the Open House.  Cookies or Muffins are welcome!


Remove pets if possible for the Open House.  Some buyers are Non-Pet-People but also it can be very traumatic for the pet having strangers walk through their home.


Make sure the floors have been washed, beds have been made, kitchen is spotless, laundry put away, bathrooms tidy, toilet seats down, and shoes in closets. This is your debut to buyers.


Drapes open, Windows Clean, all Lights on.  Bright, Open and fresh sells!


Background Music is nice.  I usually set the TV to a Jazz music channel.  Sometimes, I can’t figure out which of the three remotes to use, so leave it on before you go!


Have a mat set out in the foyer for buyers to leave their shoes on.


Your agent must publish it on to capture all potential buyers.  Newspaper ads are a thing of the past. 


Your agent will put out directional signs to guide people to your open house from the main streets.


And of course, you have to make plans for the afternoon…you cannot stay for the open house…sorry, but buyers will not engage in conversation with the agent if they know you are around.


Fun things you can do!


 Open House Great Ideas



Candy Bar.  I had one client set up a Candy Bar.  Glass Jars filled with candies.  Little scoops were provided for each jar and displayed on the counter.  It was a huge hit!  Great idea Dawn!


Digital Picture Frame.  If you have pictures of your home in different seasons, I have them loaded onto a digital picture frame so that buyers can see the pool or gardens in their best season.

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